Since my last post was a little cryptic (it was really just a personal note to the Universe – I use the law of attraction), I thought I’d take a second and catch you up on the training.

Training and nutrition, by the way, feels like the only thing I’m not screwing up.  I’m not meeting anyone’s expectations in any other part of my life.  I kind of care, but kind of don’t.  The last time I tried to keep all the balls in the air, I weighed 198 pounds and was on a fast train to an early death.

I just started the third week of the 5 x 5 program.  I think it’s working?  I’m gaining weight steadily, although I know only a small part of it can be muscle.  I’m very careful with my food choices.  Since I’m supposed to be in a small calorie surplus, I might sneak an extra handful of almonds here and there.  I’ve forgotten to log a protein shake every so often, or I may add a tablespoon or two of casein to a whey shake and not record that.  I don’t count the almond milk I put in my coffee.  I’ve added a little bit more cardio into the week.  If after a week or so it still appears as though I’m storing fat, my next move will be to tighten up the food logs.  I will look at the surpluses and maybe cycle them depending on the day’s activity.

It has been about 7 weeks since my competition.  At the show, my weight was around 125 lbs.  This morning, I was 144 lbs.  Not bothered by a 20 pound gain in 7 weeks because I know a bunch of that is water.  Clothes aren’t much tighter.  Not sure what my body fat % was at the show (maybe 15%), but it’s now around 20%.

I’m cruising along with the lifting according to the spreadsheet plan. Strength gains are happening just like they are supposed do.  Hadn’t really noticed much change in the mirror until recently.  I really need to get measurements done.  I haven’t felt compelled to track things like I did before.  I’m kind of relaxed these days.    I like the 5 x 5 for that – I relax.  I don’t over-analyze the  program.  I show up and I do what’s on the spreadsheet.  I haven’t really worked my arms separately very much, but those triceps are doing something.

October 16, 2012

(Hey Martha!  I Googled “I love creatine” to find this pic – your picture shows up on that search, too)

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