Today I started the 5 x 5 lifting routine I’m going to follow for…maybe three months?  Because I’ve done this before, I know the first 2-3 weeks are kind of boring.  Today was boring easy.  I know it’s good for me for a couple reasons…

1) Work on form.  Having the weights scripted on a spreadsheet keeps me from loading on too much weight to work my ego.  I need to build muscle.  Attitude – I’ve got.  Or I can work on that outside the gym.  Form and full range of motion will build pretty muscles.  “You’re a bodybuilder, not a power lifter” is my mantra during these sets.

2) Work smarter.  I tend to do a lot of sets. Probably more than I need.  I’ve been feeling very beat up for the last couple of weeks, so I’m not recovering properly.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet on the off days.  Stuff.  I know I’ll do something.  Martha had some creative ideas for her ‘off days’ when she was doing 5 x 5.  I should sneak over to her blog and look for ideas.  Yoga is probably a good idea.  I wish there was a “Yoga for Lifters” class I could take.  Imagine it – a bunch of us trying to do yoga – together.

Here’s what I did today, the first day.  Supposed to be light.  Maybe not so light if I had to do 10 reps, but 5 reps?  Easy peesy.

10/4/12  Squat in 5×5 Day 1
6:33:36 PM  70 x 5
6:33:44 PM  90 x 5
6:34:05 PM  105 x 5
6:34:15 PM  125 x 5
6:34:43 PM  140 x 5

10/4/12  Bench Press in 5×5 Day 1
6:35:09 PM  45 x 5
6:35:34 PM  65 x 5  Oops!  Supposed to be 55 – just loaded on two 10’s out of habit
6:35:41 PM  70 x 5
6:35:52 PM  80 x 5
6:36:10 PM  90 x 5

10/4/12  Barbell Row in 5×5 Day 1 (I did the regular ones.  Underhand grip to work biceps a little.)
6:39:45 PM  50 x 5 – felt kind of stupid doing these in public with two 2.5 lb plates – lame
6:39:51 PM  65 x 5
6:39:58 PM  75 x 5
6:40:07 PM  90 x 5
6:40:23 PM  100 x 5

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