After the show, I took a week off from lifting and then started back with my usual “1-part-a-day” scheme.  I like it.  Some days I did two workouts for that same part – back, for instance.  I split the rowing and the pulling stuff apart.  Did one heavy in the morning and the other for volume in the afternoon.  Switched it up the next week.

I knew that when my strength came back and when I started to grow again, I’d get bored.  Well, I’m bored, bored, BORED!

I’m ready.   It’s time.  It’s time to bring back the Madcow.

First, Madcow was the name of the guy who designed the program – it’s not about cows.  I love calling it the Madcow because I think it sounds badass.

Thought I would start tomorrow, but when I consider what I lifted yesterday and today, how I’m feeling today, how I think the 5 x 5 lifting days might best fit into my schedule, and equipment availability at the gym (two deadlift platforms in a power lifting gym), I think I’m going to wait until Thursday.  I’ll just do cardio, abs, and calves tomorrow.  Or sleep in.  Haven’t decided yet.  I’ve got a whole hour left before I go to bed.  Ooodles of time.

Right now, I think the best days to lift are going to be Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.  Deadlifts on Thursdays.  Have not worked out the rest of the details.  I will eventually.  Just focused now on Thursday.

Pretty excited to get started.  I only did it for 5 weeks last time.  I was just starting to make progress when I needed to stop and switch into contest prep mode.  A person is supposed to do this program for 3-5 months, according to the directions.   Five months of this…oh boy!  That’s perfect timing.  Gets me to the end of February and the show I’m looking at is the end of June.  I won’t need a 6 month cut this year, I hope.  I’m keeping tabs on things.  Getting another DEXA body fat check soon so I’ll know where I’m at.  My goal is to eat just a little over maintenance every day so I can grow lean mass and not too much fat.  Not too many cheat meals – twice a month maybe.  We’ll see.  It all depends on what the bod does.  Things (metabolism things) are running a little differently now than they did before the show prep.

Ooooo…so excited!!!!

P.S.  I have ever told you that I dream about lifting most nights?  And how every night when my head hits the pillow I mentally rehearse the next morning’s lifting because that calms me and helps me fall asleep?

“Once upon a time, there was a girl, a barbell, and some iron plates…”

Yup.  I’m officially “not normal” anymore.  Very grateful to be training some “normal” people so I can keep one foot in the normal world.

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