My neck was still stiff from the head bump on Monday, the swelling on my forehead had still not gone down.  I was a little concerned.  Decided I needed to avoid exercises that would put stress on my neck and traps.  So instead of doing heavy quad work, I decided to do exercises to target the vastus medialis, or the teardrop shaped part of the quad on the inside of the knee.

Total Sets = 22, 32,450 pounds

9/26/12  Regular Leg Extension
5:10:28 AM  45 x 10  FST7 – warm up 7 sets, 10 sec rest

Instead of back squats, I did Zercher Squats.  I turned my feet so that this exercise would hit this muscle.  It’s also a good core exercise.


Zercher Squats
45 x 15
65 x 10
75 x 10
85 x 10

Side-Step Lunges
140 x 10  Superset with Zerchers
158 x 10  Body weight plus kettlebells
158 x 10

158 x 10

Great video reference for this workout…

9/26/12  Leg Press
180 x 15  Feet low and close
270 x 15
360 x 10  Form broke a little
270 x 20


Split Squats – (I suck at these.  Need to do them more often. Weight is estimated % of body weight.)
100 x 8  Superset with leg press
100 x 6
100 x 10
117 x 5 (held the little kettlebells)

Single Leg Extension
30 x 10
30 x 10
30 x 10
30 x 10

Regular Leg Extension
150 x 20  Drop set. 10 reps at 150, then they dropped fast. LOL! Last set of workout

I didn’t feel like this workout accomplished much.   I wasn’t feeling good in general.  Oh well.   But then again, it was 22 sets and 32,000 pounds moved, so feeling it or not, I did work.

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