I’m cranky.  I’m easily agitated.  I’m frustrated at work everyday.  I’m hungry.  I’m TIRED.  I feel a little better if I can sleep for a loooong time.  Weight is creeping up a little bit.

But I’m also lifting a little heavier each week.

I have a few ideas about what’s happening.  Maybe all of these things are true.  Maybe none.

  • Work IS frustrating.  (But for the last couple of years, I’ve been able to let things roll off my back.  Why not now??)
  • I did do a bodybuilding show the weekend before school started, so there really wasn’t any sort of down time to recover from the depletes.  The job is physically draining and I started it this year literally drained.  (TOTALLY worth it, by the way.)
  • Perhaps I’ve been exposed to toxic levels of gamma rays?
  • Let’s revisit this…I am lifting heavier, I’m eating a couple hundred calories over my burn (still around 220-250 g  protein each day), and I need more sleep…maybe I’m growing?  That would be cool.
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