Went to bed early last night and slept in this morning instead of doing gym time before work. Eight hours of sleep did my body a ton of good. Not my mood, but it did help my back recover.

I needed four days to recover from last week’s quad workout, so I throttled back a little today – I thought. My squat went up a few pounds, but I did less reps and focused on form. I’m excited that my strength is coming back. The first workout I did after the show was quads. My squat on that day was 95 pounds. Up to 155 today. My PR for that lift is 205 and I did that last winter, but I don’t think my form was very good. Today felt strong.

Leg press – Oh, I’ve missed you!! PR for that is 720 lbs. I’m going to work back up to that slowly, focusing on using a full range of motion – which I didn’t do before with heavy weight. I do like lifting heavy, but now that I’ve competed, I really want to do it correctly. Those reps I did on leg press today were good ones. At the lighter weight, they were slow, too.

Total Sets = 16, Volume = 26,845 lbs

9/19/12 Squat in Quads
4:31:15 PM 75 x 10
4:31:23 PM 95 x 10
4:39:57 PM 115 x 10
4:40:03 PM 135 x 6
4:45:16 PM 145 x 5
4:53:51 PM 155 x 4

9/19/12 Leg Press in Quads
4:55:23 PM 180 x 15
4:57:14 PM 270 x 12
5:00:16 PM 360 x 10
5:02:39 PM 360 x 10
5:13:21 PM 450 x 10

9/19/12 Single Leg Extension in Quads
5:13:41 PM 30 x 10
5:13:42 PM 30 x 10
5:13:43 PM 30 x 10
5:14:03 PM 30 x 10

9/19/12 Leg Extension in Quads
6:30:05 PM 120 x 25 Drop set

I know I did a good job with quads if when I go to step up on the treadmill to cool down, it feels like I’m stepping up 6 feet instead of 6 inches. Sweet!


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