Still waiting for the score sheets to be posted online.  (It was supposed to take a week.  It’s been 4 weeks now.)  I’m not sure they will tell me much anyway, so I’m looking at the pics.  Looking at them like game tapes, I suppose.  Just curious to see what I can see.

Here I am next to the woman who placed ahead of me.  Her front relaxed pose is so much nicer than mine.

Here she is next to the woman who won the overall for the division.  They are all tired at this point…

Here is my prejudging pic next to the overall winner at the night show (her prejudging pics aren’t online)…


My legs are not equally developed.  Need to bring up the weak leg and learn to pose better.  Arms need more work.  I think the conditioning looks pretty close, but I may not know what I’m looking at, either.  I’m kind of pleased, actually.  That woman is tiny.  About 5 or 6 inches shorter than me.  (I know this because we were in side-by-side tanning tents the night before. And in the morning, I was in side-by-side tanning tents with the first woman…weird.)  So the woman with more muscle beat me (as it should be), but the smallest woman on the stage won the overall.  That’s why I want to see the score sheets.

So there I am, at least 10 years older than all these women who’ve competed before, with less than 2 years of training, in my first show, with a coach off stage who was annoyed that I swallowed too many ice cubes the day before.  He’s probably right.  Usually is.   Oh well.  It’s a solid start to my bodybuilding career, I think.

PS – Never planning to do this show again.  Still have my little phone number up on a bulletin board at home as a reminder that this is a political, subjective game I’m playing.  But I decide who I play with and who gets my money.  



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