I should have slept in this morning.  Back was sore and needed more rest.  But I hate to adjust the routine, so I got up and went to the gym.  When I’m tired, I’m prone to hurt my shoulder, so I chose exercises that would protect it.  For incline DB press, I just didn’t push the weight up this week.  It’s not that I can’t handle the pressing – it’s kicking up the weight.  I really need to get a spotter to help me with that lift, I guess.  It’s all good, though.  Other lifts are up.  Smith Incline Press is up 20 pounds since the show and Pec Dec Fly is up 40 pounds.  (I love creatine.)  I’d have to go back and look at my old log books to see how far I’m off on those lifts from last spring before I started cutting.

9/18/12  Smith Incline Press in Chest

5:11:46 AM  30 x 10
5:15:23 AM  40 x 10
5:31:23 AM  50 x 10
5:31:27 AM  60 x 10
5:31:36 AM  70 x 8
5:31:43 AM  80 x 5

9/18/12  Incline DB Press in Chest
5:36:23 AM  20 x 20  Switching hand position to neutral and back again.
5:40:07 AM  25 x 20
5:44:19 AM  30 x 12
5:51:48 AM  30 x 12

9/18/12  Pec Dec Fly in Chest
5:52:05 AM  70 x 10
5:54:23 AM  90 x 10
6:05:20 AM  100 x 10
6:05:26 AM  110 x 9

9/18/12  Machine Chest Press in Chest
6:07:45 AM  120 x 30  Drop set


It is almost 7 pm and I’m going to put myself to bed soon.  A cup of tea, some protein, and an Advil PM to knock myself out for a looooong sleep.  Tomorrow is quad day!  I’m going to do a cardio in the morning first.  Saving my favorite beat down for the afternoon because there is a staff meeting tomorrow at 2 pm.  I’ll be at the gym by 3:15 to work it out.


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