For all of 2011, I had a painful impingement issue in my right shoulder.  Doc checked it out at the time to rule out anything more serious.  She suggested physical therapy, but I couldn’t afford it.  So I researched and rehab’d it on my own.  Once the pain was gone, the strength started increasing, but they are weaker than they should be.  The were getting stronger, then I started the cut for the show.  I’ve been stuck – and when I did delt work, I rarely got a good pump.  I’d reach failure in a set, but recover fast.  Workout was done when I ran out of time, not because they were worked adequately.  I don’t remember my shoulders ever being sore from a workout.  What to do?  I decided that after the show, when I got back in the grove, I’d try something else.  Today, I changed the pattern a bit.  Picked two or three exercises for each part of the of the shoulder – front, lateral, and rear.  No supersets today.  Lifted as heavy as I could handle with strict form.  Waited a couple minutes between those sets.  After those traditional sets, I used a machine to do a drop set, starting heavy, and did as many reps as I could to pump as much as blood as possible into the muscle.

Wow.  It worked very well this morning.  I started getting sore by lunch.  The whole workout took a little over an hour. 24 sets.  That’s about the same amount of volume I’ve done before, but this felt soooo much better.

On a side note…my legs are incredibly sore today.  Those weights I lifted yesterday weren’t close to personal records, but I hadn’t done leg press in months.  That’s the one that got me, I think.  Did a little cardio today to get some blood moving.

9/13/12  Arnold Presses in Shoulders

4:39:53 AM  15 x 15
4:43:24 AM  20 x 12
4:43:29 AM  25 x 10
4:46:12 AM  25 x 10

9/13/12  HS Press in Shoulders
4:49:06 AM  30 x 10
4:51:36 AM  35 x 8
4:56:56 AM  35 x 10
4:58:35 AM  40 x 5  Right side weak

9/13/12  Machine Shoulder Press in Shoulders
5:06:43 AM  75 x 30  Drop set

9/13/12  Front Raises in Shoulders
5:08:40 AM  12.5 x 10  Standing – one arm at a time – strict form
5:11:03 AM  15 x 10
5:12:52 AM  15 x 10
5:20:06 AM  15 x 10

9/13/12  Cable Front Raise in Shoulders
5:20:27 AM  10 x 20  Dropset

9/13/12  Lateral Raises in Shoulders
5:22:45 AM  8 x 15
5:24:17 AM  10 x 10
5:26:23 AM  12.5 x 10
5:37:06 AM  15 x 10

9/13/12  Machine Lateral Raise in Shoulders
5:37:26 AM  40 x 45  Dropset

9/13/12  Cable Rear Delt High in Shoulders
5:37:48 AM  7.5 x 10
5:38:58 AM  7.5 x 10
5:46:24 AM  7.5 x 10
5:46:29 AM  7.5 x 7

9/13/12  Pec Dec Rear Delt Fly in Shoulders
5:46:50 AM  80 x 50  Drop set

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