First bodybuilding show at age 50.  Done.  Color me happy.


NPC, Women’s Physique, Class B, 2nd place out of two.  Don’t really care because I achieved my goals – look legit and don’t look too awkward.  I had a blast on stage.  People told me I looked “poised”.  That’s what I was hoping would happen.  When I practice the mandatory poses, I rehearsed a thought…”that’s my best pose ever – watch this”…with the trigger for the thought being any posed called out.  I think that’s why my face has that expression on some of the pics.  Also, starting three days prior, I watched this video repeatedly, and I watched it in the hotel room before the night show (when I was supposed to be napping).  Cory inspired me decades ago, so I used her as my role model.


Here’s my girl.  I’ve named her “Anja” (ie Anja Langer) because of her braid.  She will be my favorite (and hopefully last) last place trophy of all time.

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