I got exactly what I told the Universe I wanted…

1) First call out, center position (if you stop reading here, you will have the wrong idea)*

2) A trophy**

Now the details.

* There were only three of us on stage and we were lined up in numerical order.  My number put me in the middle.  The judges did not move me to the middle.

** There were two of us in Women’s Physique, Class B and one woman in Class C.  The judges only had two of us to pick from and I got second.

There is so much to write about, but I’m exhausted.  But instead of waiting until I had energy and time, I wanted to make a short post to let you know how it turned out.

But know this – I’m thrilled.  The woman next to me (her name is Julie) had more experience and more muscle.  I believe the judges got it right, but it’s not the whole story.  After I drank water, ate a nice meal with hubby, visited the American Iron party up in the suite of our hotel, I laid in bed until 3 am checking dozens of emails and Facebook posts that accumulated over the day wishing me luck and offering encouragement.  At some point I realized that the best way to describe it is this…

It took me three years to get to that stage.  My competition was not standing next to me.  My competition was with myself.  First the transformation, and then the contest prep.  

I don’t have a ton of time to write a lot before I fall asleep on the couch, but it’s important I express my gratitude.

First – Thank you, Hubby, for learning how to live with me these last three years.  You watched your wife change into another person.  Not easy and probably a little scary sometimes.  Thank you for your love and support.  Thank you for taking that step outside the comfort zone with me yesterday, too.  He drove me to the show and then spent the whole time on his feet, donating his time to take hundreds of pictures.  (If the show’s promoter  doesn’t realize exactly what you did, I do.)   Here is a nice one of me after I got my 2nd place trophy.

I’m grateful for my friends who made the long drive to support me – amazing!  You guys rock!  Especially Dawn – who hung around for the whole day until I was completely done.  I know she’s busy and giving up a whole day was very generous.  Dawn wrote a beautiful blog about the day.  I’m going to reblog it so you can read it.

Finally, so very grateful to Coach who helped me finish the last two months of this prep.  D was amazing.  He promised to help me through it, and he went over and above behind the scenes yesterday.  The only time he wasn’t next to me, looking out for me, was when I was tanning, or when he ordered me back to the room for naps. He monitored everything I ate, every freakin’ ice cube I wasn’t supposed to suck on, and as I waited for HOURS to get on stage for the night show, he stood for that whole time without complaining about how sick he felt from something he ate that day.  Other coaches were around, but very few stayed with their people that way.   It was important to me to work hard and not embarrass you.  I made a lot of mistakes, but I never took anything for granted.

Thank you, Coach.  Thank you.

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