Well, I’ve pretty much jumped out of the airplane now, haven’t I?  Better check for the chute.



Last night, I stitched pieces of blanket trim onto the bottom of Turquoise Sparkle’s bra.  It works.  Anywhere that fabric touches my skin, it’s scratchy.  But I can live with it everywhere except there.  I need to redo it, though.  As careful as I was, I picked up a little of the string in the casing, so the triangles don’t slide around.  I think it’s important that I be able to adjust this top.    New problem to be solved – the cups are WAY too big for what little boobage is left.  There are already two layers of padding in there.  I have another pair of inserts I can use.  This is kind of an issue because the top will be glued to me (using Bikini Bite) and right now, it barely makes contact.  TMI?  Sorry.


Today is the first day of my “deplete”.  This is called Peak Week in bodybuilding world.  I will be manipulating my food and water intake to put the finishing touches on the “sculpture”.  Today, I dropped the carbs down to almost nothing.  Tomorrow will also be almost nothing.  Then Monday, none.  All protein.  This “carb deplete” will last until Friday.  On Friday, I will reload carbs.  I don’t know the science behind this, but I do know what’s going to happen.  I’m going to become loopy.  I’ll probably lose my car keys at least once.  Concentrating will be hard.  (That’s why I’ve got my lessons ready for the first day of school.  I am ready to teach now.)  Without carbs, my muscles will get flat.  But when I do the reload, they are going to fill back up in a marvelous way.

On Monday, I start my water deplete.  The purpose of this process is to remove the water that is stored under the skin so that those pretty muscles will show up nicely.  I’ve done this before in April 2011.  Wanted to see what it would be like.  Only the last day is tough.  I will start the week drinking 2+ gallons.  I drink about 2 gallons a day now, so I’m going to drink a little more than that.  Then the water I drink will be cut in half each day and I’ll be down to sips on Friday.  So the worst day for water will be the best day for food.  Piece of cake!  Oh, not literrally.  A piece of (cheese)cake will happen 24 hours later after the show.  🙂

Workouts are winding down now.  No more two-a-day lifts.  I’m happy about that.  It’s a tough, tough schedule – hard on the body and very hard on life.  Especially when I had to work in cardio, too.  Worked out three times most days.  Now, I do one lift and cardio for a few days. Did glutes and hamstrings today and will do them again on Monday.  Tomorrow is back and chest.  Tuesday will be all upper body.  Wednesday will be whole body.  Thursday and Friday will be posing only.  I’ll be very tired by then without carbs, so it’s all good.

Just to make things interesting, I go back to work on Monday.  On Monday, it’s my “work in classroom” day.  Everyone else will have this day on Friday, but I’m taking Friday off because of the show prep.  Tuesday-Thursday will probably be a lot of staff meetings.  I’ve warned everyone that I will be a little crabbier than my normal crabby.  My goal is to be quiet and not waste water by talking.  And try not to start any trouble.

I’m sure there is more to share, but I’m tired.  I want to go do posing practice for an hour or longer.   Then bed.

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