Two weeks!!!


I’m still vascilating between excited and freaked out.  Working out like a fiend helps.  FYI – no matter how exhausted you are, if you drink two gallons of distilled water a day (it’s really hot here, so that’s just happening without much effort), you won’t make it through the night without having to get up at least once.

Today is a “rest” day – in theory.  No big lifts today.  First, I trained Cassie at 7:30 am and Lexie at 9:00 am.  (Two of my favorite people on the planet, by the way.)  Made a routine stop at Vitamin Shoppe to pick up a couple things, then headed to the gym.  Today’s planned “rest” day workout = 45 minutes of abs and 1 hour of cardio.  For me, ab work is boring.  I do some, but not enough.  I set the alarm on my iPhone because I new time was going to pass very, very slowly.  My inner child would be all “Are we there yet?” every 5 minutes.  Tried this one at home the other night and failed miserably.  Quit after 15 min.  Double checked with a text to Coach…”I need 45 minutes” was the reply.  Booo.  He liked the circuit idea and suggested I take longer breaks (longer than 30 sec) between each circuit.  He suggested I do some flexibility work during the breaks  – but I had a better idea.

Specific target was lower abdominals.  I set up a circuit that was amazingly only interrupted once by stupid man using ab crunch machine pretending to exercise but was really taking a nap.  The circuit was…

  • Decline sit up with medicine ball (15 to “can’t stand it anymore reps”)
  • Roman chair knee ups (12 to “can’t stand it anymore reps”)
  • Oblique crunches on ab machine (20ish on each side)
  • One-leg balance on foam pad.  With my other knee up, looking  little like a flamingo, this is a move from my routine that I tend to fall out of when I practice it.  Today, I stood on the foam pad, knee up, and did the arm motions and flexed for one minutes on each side.  Only need it for one leg, but practicing and strengthening both.  (Being prepared for a possible misstep and I may have to perform the pose on the opposite leg. I’m practicing everything like that.)

I don’t know how many rotations I did.  I worked for 45+ minutes.  Paused the timer when I needed to pee.  Which is a lot – 2 gallons of distilled water, remember?

Totally bored with the gym at that point and wanted to go home.  I was also overdue for a meal, so instead of an hour of traditional cardio, I opted for 21 minute HIIT on the StairMonster.  I haven’t done a HIIT for about  week, so it’s legit to shake things up.  And I got home sooner.  I needed to be home.  It is really my “rest” day and that is exactly what I need.  Even if it’s only a half day at a time every so often.  I recover very quickly.

After about an hour of hanging out with hubby and furkids at home, I remembered I had chicken to cook.  It’s really hot outside and grilling…no.  Not into that.  Lots of bodybuilders boil chicken.  Makes no sense to me, but I’ll do it if I need to.  While researching online for the “why”, I got distracted by a “why you shouldn’t boil chicken” article that suggested poaching.  I’ve never done that, so I tried it.  Took pics for you.

The poaching liquid is supposed to have salt, but that’s a no-no for me.  I added anything in the kitchen I thought would be flavorful.  So in this pot with the water is red onion, basil, ground black pepper, Mrs. Dash Table Blend, garlic, bok choy stems, and the juice of a whole lime.  Brought that to a boil and simmered it for 10 minutes.  Turn off the heat, toss in the chicken, cover, and wait for 10-12 minutes.  Easy.


I didn’t expect the chicken to look great, but I looked at a few of these pieces closely and they were not completely cooked.  Could have left them in longer, but had a better idea…


Toss them on the grill for a few minutes!  Wanted them to finish cooking and to look better.  I suspected they were juicy from the poaching, so I was careful not to leave them on the grill too long.


And here is the finished product.  7 oz of very juicy chicken breast with my bok choy, kale, spinach, and garlic stir fry. I had a little fresh red pepper left in the frig, so that’s the red on the plate.  Pretty, huh?  Tasted good.  I like grilled chicken more, but sometimes it’s dry.  This poaching/grilling combo is good.



First bodybuilding show coming up, becoming a personal trainer (in my free time) , eating new foods like bok choy, learning how to poach chicken…the adventure continues.  I feel like I’m doing something new every single day.  This first leaning out process is very exciting.  I’m beginning to see the actual work I’ve done over the last couple of years since I set this goal.  It will never be quite like this again.  The next time, I will know what to expect.  Right now, I feel like every day has a new surprise in store.

I’m extremely happy with the coaching I’ve received from D.  So the other day during posing practice, when I expressed a frustration with the loose skin I have on my stomach and under my butt (weight loss, you know), he suggested I try something a little odd – Preparation H.  That little trick is out there in the bodybuilding world, but I’m really skeptical about it.  Can it tighten up large areas of skin?  But what the heck?  What do I have to lose?  I didn’t get the name brand – got the Equate version.  I’ve used it for a couple of days now.  I don’t know.  I’ll wait a few more days and then measure my waist again.  If it’s working, that circumference measurement should have gone down, right?

Oh my gosh, I feel so silly for sharing this little tidbit, but this whole blog is about making this journey transparent and public.  I’m sure as the show approaches, and arrives, there will be other embarrassing details to share.  I still need to get my own can of “Bikini Bite”.  That will be fun to read about.


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