I’m not sure what the purpose of this blog will be after August 25th, but from June 2010 until Aug 25, 2012, it’s main purpose has been to document the transformation from fat chick to bodybuilder by age 50.  So,for these last 15 days, I’m going to try to write each day.  First, I want to apologize for putting something in your inbox everyday, and apologize because I’m not going to try to be entertaining or funny.  I might be entertaining or funny, but there are no guarantees.  I’m not even going to try to be cohesive in my thoughts – just recording what happened today.  It’s my diary.  My extremely public diary.


Great back workout this morning.  Actually, the last three back workouts have been amazing.  I love the new Free Motion cable exercise I invented – by “invented” I mean that I saw it on Bodybuilding.com but made a variation, so now it’s mine.  All mine.  Just like the Romanian guy who changed his deadlift and now we all do RDL’s.

I like reading about other people’s workouts.  But I’m WAY too busy to type them up.  Then “duh” – take a picture!  Here is my workout today…


Did back this morning and abs after dinner.  The abs sucked.  I intended to go for 45 minutes – I made it 15.  I’m tired.  House is hot.  I hate working abs.  I really should follow that “ab man” around in the gym.  He works his abs A LOT.  He seem to like it.  I wonder if he could keep up with me and my leg workout??  (tee hee).  After my pathetic ab workout, I practiced my routine in our garage which is now my husband’s photography studio.  It’s hot out there, too.  I thought I had a handle on this thing, but it seems I’ve lost a little ground. I added a couple of new moves and one of them has thrown off my timing with the music.  I ran through it about a dozen times.  I hope I made progress.


Got a big confidence boost in the locker room this morning.  There is a national level figure competitor that works out with a trainer at my gym.  She just turned pro a couple weeks ago.  I’ve said “hi” to her a few times, but never had a conversation.  Today I had the opportunity to congratulate her and introduce myself properly.  She told me that she and her trainer were watching me workout this morning and she told me they were both impressed with how I train and how I look.  They were trying to guess how many years I’ve been lifting.  She was surprised to hear that I’ve only been lifting seriously for about a year and a half.  She told me it looks like I’ve been lifting a lot longer than that.   So basically, I got props from an IFBB pro!


Remember Turquoise Sparkle?  She’s pretty, but that fabric is like sandpaper.  I can’t feel it through the lining, but the casing under the bra is very itchy.  Today I bought some satin blanket binding.  I’m going to try to cover the itchy parts by trimming that satin and stitching it on.  Hesitant to glue anything to the fabric because I don’t want to wreck it.



Still haven’t played with my new makeup.  I need to get on this soon.  Otherwise I’ll have to pay to have it done anyway.


Tomorrow, I have two lifts to do – shoulders and arms – and since I only got 30 min of cardio today, I want to get two cardios done tomorrow.  And I have to add in a few sets of glute work.  And there is soooo much work that needs to be done at home and lesson planning for school.  I don’t know when I’m going to get anything of that done.

I love this life, but contest prep is all consuming.  From conversations I’ve had, I’m fairly certain this is a common experience.

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