I’m tired.  I’m excited.  I’m working hard.   There are at least two workouts most days.  Three if you count cardio.  Four if you count posing practice – which you should because it’s hard.  And there are about 5 blog posts saved as drafts now, and a few more in my head.  I have no idea when I’ll finish them.

The routine is choreographed and I’m happy with it.  I need to practice it A LOT.  I do pretty well by myself, but when I showed it to coach today, I screwed up a lot, forgot to vacuum my abs, and forgot to smile.  I need to quit practicing by myself exclusively.  I need to do this routine in front of people as often as I can manage it.  On my way home tonight, I stopped at Wally World and bought  cheap pair of iPhone speakers.  I suppose I could have just used a bowl.  (This actually does work pretty well.)

16 days left and those insertion points between my glutes and hamstrings are still lagging.  (Described this with pictures on a previous post, Optimism vs. Reality, The Sequel.) When I flex those glutes like I’m supposed to, the top part of my butt looks OK, but the bottom looks bad.  It’s just not developed enough.  A couple weeks ago, I started working glutes and hammies twice  a week.  Now, I’m supposed to do a few sets every couple of days.  Actually, I was told to work my butt doing kickbacks between sets of other stuff and do this every couple of days, starting today.  “But…the butt was worked yesterday” I said.  “So what” coach replied.  So every couple of days might just mean “all the time”.  And he goes on,  “Add a new workout only for abs, emphasizing the lower ones.”  OK.  This is weak point training.  I really don’t think I can overtrain right now with the amount of nerves and excitement I’m feeling.  I’m not working – so I can sleep in every day, sort of.  Adrenaline is going to get me through this.

The Glute Kickback Exercise…



I have about another week of what is “normal” eating for me.  Because I started cutting last February, I appear lean.  Coach says I’m doing fine.  Other competitors say I’m doing fine.  I think I look fine.  OK.  Maybe I’m doing just fine.  Maybe those body fat scans I’ve been getting have been reading me to be a little higher in body fat than I actually am.    Or, the fat that I’ve still got, is hanging on around the lower abdomen and butt.  No shocker there.

Right now, as I type this, I’m soooo tired in a good way.  And my butt hurts.  But not as much as it’s going to hurt tomorrow.  I can already tell there will be lots of stretching needed tomorrow.  I did legs yesterday morning, took the afternoon off (in lieu of a full rest day – I had to do food prep), slept in a little bit this morning, did an hour of steep treadmill hiking (all cardio in sweats now even if it is 100 degrees outside), practiced my routine for 40 min, rested and ate twice, ran errands, met with coach in the afternoon and posed for another 40 minutes, did a chest workout, did new StairMonster Torture Cardio* for 20 minutes, did stability exercises** for 10 minutes, ran more errands, then got home about 90 minutes ago.  Bed soon.  Do it again tomorrow.


*StairMonster Torture Cardio = set pace to be a little fast, take two steps at a time, and do a kickback parallel to the ground on each step.  Butt work.  For fun, I added a calf raise on the leg touching the step while the other one flew behind me.

**stability exercises = there are couple points in my routine where I need to stand and balance on one foot.  When I’m nervous, I’ve been falling out of those poses, so my balance needs to be improved.  Standing on unstable surfaces should help.  Started today with a foam balance pad.

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