I’m pretty tired today. I’ll explain why in a minute. Just want to apologize if this post rambles around aimlessly every so often.

First, a big picture update. I started my cutting for this show last February. If you’ve been following along, you know how worried I’ve been about being able to lose more weight because I’ve never been able to get past a certain point. As of yesterday, I’ve lost 20 pounds since February. People around me who I trust tell me I’m doing just fine and am on track for the show. Not taking anything for granted. I’m still working my ass off – literally. Coach’s diet tweeks and my continued badass-hyper-discipline-type-A work ethic have revved up the metabolism. I’ve been losing about 1/2 pound a day for almost a week.

Step back one more time and let’s look at the VERY BIG picture. If you account for the muscle I’ve gained, the total amount of fat I’ve lost since June 2009 is around 75 pounds. Nothing fancy about how that was done. Eat clean and exercise. Stayed on program everyday. Rest days and cheat meals were planned so I could stick to it. Here at the end, I’ve cleaned up the food even more.

I’m proud to be a bodybuilder. So much respect for this sport. The self-discipline is rewarding on a level that goes beyond appearances. It’s about denial of urges. It’s about training your brain to not accept the excuses that pop up everyday. It’s a demanding lifestyle and I’m a newbie. I have an idea about it, but I don’t really KNOW – yet. Soon I will have completed the first cycle. As a veteran figure competitor told me the other day, I’m about to have my “cherry popped” in 3.5 weeks.

Now about today…

Got a massage today to untie all the knots I’ve tied lately. She’s all “you should see your back” and “things look a lot different since last week”. Awesome. She’s so sweet. She apologizes each time she makes me jump. Today, that was a LOT. Everything hurts.

Now that I’m done teaching summer school, I changed my workout plan. Basically, I have about two weeks to work as hard as I possibly can…so that means I’m back on…


Did this last summer for a month and a half. It was brutal, but I loved it. Learned a lot. I learned that 6 weeks of lifting twice a day is too long. I also learned that I really can’t handle doing them every day. Third lesson – legs and back workouts basically wipe me out and should never be on the same day.

Yesterday, I did legs in the morning and chest in the afternoon. By the time the day was done, I completed 51 sets, most 12 reps. This morning, I trained back. Did posing practice, abs, and cardio in the afternoon. My butt was dragging all day and my head was not working. Pretty sure all my blood is being used for recovery. It felt like a low carb day, even though my carbs are consistently around 100 grams these days. (That’s the diet tweek I mentioned before. Turns out my blood type is the same as my personality type, A+. People with my blood type are supposed to eat a lot of veggies, oily fish, and do non-strenuous exercise like yoga. LOL! I already dumped white fish for salmon, ahi tuna, halibut, and swordfish We added more greens.)

In bed now about to drink a cup of tea and fall into a coma…damn it! Where is my tea? Hold on a sec…be right back…

Found it. See? Brain not working. All the blood is in my legs, chest, and back. Mostly my butt.

Rambled. Sorry. So very grateful if you hung in there with me and are still reading.


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