For a long time, I thought I knew what song I would use.  And then I heard this one.  OK.  Nothing special, just another dance tune – and then I listened to this one…

“Let’s go!
Make no excuses now
I’m talking here and now
Your time is running out
It’s not about what you’ve done
It’s about what you doing
It’s all about where you going
No matter where you’ve been
There ain’t no better time
I’m talking here and now
Let’s go!
Right now is where you shine
I’m talking here and now”

Absolutely PERFECT message to describe how I’ve done this journey.

Hubby was able to make the edits I wanted for my posing routine music.  I’m very excited.  This has been a minor source of stress and I’m happy to have it on a CD, show ready.  Transferred to my phone for posing pratice.  Let’s GO!!!


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