Did a little research.  Competitors have told me that MAC makes the best stage makeup for competitions and the photographs taken at the competitions.   There is a make up artist available the morning of the show who would do my face for $100.  If I went with that plan, I’d have nice makeup until I washed my face.  If I decide to do another show, I’d have to find and pay another makeup artist.  Not really my style.  I like being self-sufficient.  And I’d like to save my sanity that morning.  Prejudging starts at 10 am.  I will have spray tanning to get done already, so another appointment to keep that morning will just cause more stress.  If I have my own makeup and know how to apply it, when I do another show, I’ll be set.

MAC makeup components are not horribly expensive, but if I got everything I needed from them – which is basically everything because I haven’t worn makeup for years, it would cost around $350.00, probably more.  Asked a competitor for advice.  She told me that I really should have the higher end stuff for the basic face stuff, but I could get away with less expensive makeup for my eyes if I got the higher quality eyelid primer.

I was on the end of town today where the fancy mall is located – the fancy mall where I never shop.  I dropped into the MAC store and bought the makeup I need from them.  Stopped at Walmart afterwards and got the rest.  Mostly.  I don’t have the lipstick yet.  I need a matte shade of pink.  They didn’t have one.  I saved a lot of money with this plan.


It was a guessing game to pick out a foundation shade, considering I need to match 3 coats of spray tan I won’t have until the day of the show.  I read an article that suggested two colors that match competition tans.  I bought the lighter of the two with a bronzing powder that I will use to darken the color to match the tan if necessary.  They showed me how to do that.

So in addition to training twice a day, practicing my mandatory poses, and working the kinks out of my routine, I now will need to practice applying my makeup.  I’m not a complete noob at make up.  Wore it everyday for a couple decades.  But that routine was abandoned to make time to workout everyday, which ironically has led us to this point.  Stage makeup is new to me.  Using fake eyelashes is brand new to me.  YouTube.  I will be using YouTube for all of this.

Next distracting detail…fix the itchy parts of my sparkly suit.  I will need to find fabric to stitch or glue onto it to smooth things out.

So what’s next?  Hair?  I do have help with that, but a nice ponytail is starting to sound like a good idea.

Oh, there is another minor little thing on my mind – school starts a month from yesterday, the Monday after the competition.  It seems like a good idea to get a few lessons ready soon before the pressure of the show distracts me completely.

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