Nom, nom, nom…eating.  I earned this meal that I’m eating while I type.  Made myself do 60 minutes of posing practice first.  3o minutes practicing the quarter turns and mandatory poses, then 30 minutes working on the routine.  Decided I could kill two birds with one stone and start making little videos.  The main purpose of this blog was to document this journey, so as I move into the last month, it’s important that I keep up with it in some fashion.

So I’m going to multitask.  Post short videos as blogs.  Eat while I blog.  Fairly certain that blogging will happen during cardio, so I apologize now for spelling errors.

Speaking of fashion…look what arrived today!  Please say hello to “Black Velvet” and “Turquoise Sparkle”.  Not sure why I feel the need to name my posing suits, but I do.  I don’t think these names are all that imaginative.  Totally open to suggestions.


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