I don’t even know where to start.  Stuff is happening very quickly.  And I’m sooooo busy, so exhausted at the end of the day.  Every evening I think of things I want to tell you, but I’m too tired to put words together.

First – did I tell you I’m teaching summer school?  Just for three weeks.  Two weeks done.  Great kids.  Fun class to teach, but a lot of work.  I really didn’t want to do it, but the money is good and I need the extra money for this little adventure.

Second- did I tell you I have a coach now?  See?  I can’t remember anything.  I blame carb cycling.  I don’t think my brain is working very well anymore.  It couldn’t be that I’m completely distracted all the time.  Anyhoo – Dietrich is a gym friend and trainer who has coached many people for contests and he’s competed himself.  Tons of knowledge, tons of  energy.  One of the reasons I trust him is that he has never asked for or assumed I’d pay him.  That’s a BIG deal for me after getting burned last year.  Being at the gym I’m at, I’m surrounded by people who just love this sport.  The level of support I’m getting because people just love what they do – that’s exactly what I need.  However, I don’t expect to get something for nothing.  I’ll do what I can for D when I can afford it.  I’m a very loyal, straight-forward person.  That’s how I choose to live, and about 99% of the time, interacting with people this way has had very positive results.  It means something to me that D took the time over the last few months to get to know me and was friendly every single day.  He has an amazing story, too.  Check it out at his website, http://www.dtrfitness.net/about-dietrich-dejean.html.  So when I needed a coach, who else would I ask?  Very, very grateful for the opportunities that have come my way and the new friends I’ve made.


I went “all in” this week!  I realized that I needed to commit 100%.  So this week, I paid for the show registration, signed up for the recommended 3-coats of spray tanning done at the show, and ordered the posing suits.  Two posing suits, both the same style, but different colors.  The pre-judging suit will be made out of black velvet.  Not sure if velvet is a smart choice, but it will be soft and comforting.  Here is the night show suit…

And if I had implants, I might be able to fill it out like that.  Instead, I ordered it to be made with bra pads.  I’ve lost most of what was there, and at 50, they will need help standing up next to the younger ones I’ll be on stage next to.  My plan is to be so awesome everywhere else no one will notice.


1) Make up.  Do I pay $100 to have someone do my makeup for me at the show or do I buy the stage makeup and learn to do it myself?  I don’t wear makeup.  I used to, so I know how to do the basics, but the colors I will need for stage will be nothing like my natural skin tone.  That mannequin is pretty close to how we all are going to look after three coats of spray tan.  Since I’m thinking about doing another show this fall, maybe getting my own is smart.

2) Hair?  How do I fix my hair?  And will I have to get everything waxed?  Ugh.

3) Nails?  Probably not.  Got to get some jewelry for stage, too.


I should spend an hour every day practicing my posing.  And I have to choreograph a routine to music.  Thought I had a routine set and ready to learn – and then I heard a new song on the radio that I like a lot better than the one I’ve been planning on using for the last year.  BIG distraction this week.  The new song will need a big edit because it has a great big chunk of techno-sounding dance music in the middle of some really cool lyrics.  Hoping husband will be able to help with this, but he doesn’t know if he can do it.  I had to spend an entire evening playing with iTunes to make my own rough edits so I could have something to use to make a new routine.  Got the draft of that done on Wednesday.  Still haven’t had a ton of time to practice it.  Instead of writing this blog, I should be practicing.

I still need to lose fat.  The current number is 19%.  It needs to be 10%.  D’s confident I’ll be ready.  I’m confident I need to do something more.  D showed me how to do kettlebell swings the other day.   Very intense cardio.  So is jumping rope.  Both of those are now getting cycled into the week.

Making the financial commitment to do the show has changed my motivation level.  This show will have a live web cast, 5 cameras, and two jumbo screens.  TWO JUMBO SCREENS?  Holy cow!  When I set this goal years ago, the show I thought I wanted to do was in a little high school theater.  Now, I’m doing this.  It’s really exciting.  The live web cast is cool because of the number of friends I have out of state who might want to watch.  And if I place high enough, I will qualify for a special competition where the public can text in votes.  The winner of that gets a photo shoot with Muscular Development Magazine.  I doubt I can compete against a bikini competitor for that – except that I have a couple thousand former students out there.   I mean seriously – how cool would that be?  A very nice “after” picture published in a muscle mag??

For more info about the show, check out their website…



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