Saw someone I used to work with at the gym the other day.  He asked a very logical question that struck me in a weird way…

“So, how much have you lost?”

Huh?  I realized that I could tell him how much weight I lost since yesterday, or last week, but I could not tell him how much I’ve lost since I started cutting in February.  I had to guess.  I’ve clearly been looking too closely at the details.  Need to step back a second and see where I’m at since I started.

June 2009: 198 pounds, 44% body fat

June 2012: 141 pounds, approx 20% body fat

Since February 12th, I’ve lost 15 pounds.  I know I’ve gained a little muscle during that time, so my guess is that I’ve lost about 18 pounds of fat and water.   In the last two weeks, things have been changing quickly and I’m looking leaner.

I asked a very smart friend if he would coach me through the last 8 weeks of my contest prep.  He agreed and his enthusiasm improved my mood a lot.  He’s coached several people for shows and has competed himself, so I’m feeling a lot more confident about being ready.

There are so many other things to share, but I’m not in the mood for writing.  I don’t know why.  All I want to do is train.  My focus is very…focused.  See?  No words.

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