I’m a nerd.  I’m a math teacher.  I like  math.  I get math.  Math is how things make sense to me.  So when I have a problem to solve, I use math.  So let’s do some math!  (It’s just multiplication and division – no biggie.)

I have to lose approximately 14 more pounds of body fat to be lean enough to compete on August 25th.

1 pound = 3500 calories

14 pounds x 3500 calories = 49,000 calories

If I want to be at that point a week before the show, I have 52 days left to deal with those 49,000 calories.

That means I have to use 943 calories more than I eat each of those 52 days.

49,000 calories = approximately 204 hours of exercise that burns 4 calories a minute = 3.9 hours each one of those 52 days.  But I won’t have to exercise 4 hours a day – I can eat a little less to make that deficit, too.

And…do all of this without losing muscle.  Gaining seems like a stretch with that big of a deficit, but the inner workings of the post-menopausal body seem to be a mystery to most, so lets just decide it can be done.  If I’m going to do 3-4 hours of exercise a day, you know I’ll be lifting for as much of that as I can.  Not a big deal.  I do about 2.5 hours a day now.  Just need to add in a little more activity in the day or do a little extra cardio.  That’s what everyone else does.  I don’t know how many nerds figure out that they need 3.9 hours of exercise a day.  I’d like to meet them.  I’ll be on the StairMonster next to them and we’ll have wonderful discussions.

I know my body functions more like a related rates question in calculus than like a simple arithmetic problem as I’ve laid it out.  I like calculus a lot, but since I don’t know the formulas for rate of fat metabolized, rate of muscle gain, rate of water retention, rate of water loss (do they even exist?)…I can’t write the related rates equation necessary to solve this problem.  Stuck with using a rough arithmetic approximation.  Oh well.

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