Yeah.  Really.  I’m going to do it.  Prepare thyself.

“Skinny” is relative.  Most people think it’s enough to feel good and look good.  Look good in clothes or maybe look good in a bathing suit.  But a few of us crazy ones want to get on stage in that bathing suit, all sprayed up with fake tan, hungry, dehydrated, pose a little bit, and be judged on the development of our physique.  When training and dieting to step WAY outside her comfort zone, a girl can get a little hyper-critical of herself.  ESPECIALLY on a low carb day.  Low carb = low mood.  Oh yeah – low carb day AND a rest day.  Boooo!  Life sucks on a low carb rest day.

If I wasn’t preparing for this competition, I’d be pleased.  Especially because I remember where I was three years ago.  I’d still like to be leaner because I’d like to see all of my abs, not just the top “2-pack” if I stand exactly the right way in the right light.  I know I’ve come a long way in the last three years, but I’m looking forward to the goal, not backwards at the starting line.

OK, so here are some progress pics.  (WHY do I feel like every progress pic is a “before” picture?)   This is what I’ve done in the last two months and  I have two months left.  I do see a little progress when I look at them, but mostly, I see how far I have left to go – and a big part of that is the extra fat that needs to come off my abs, butt, and thighs.  Losing fat isn’t that complicated.  It’s effort, not easy, but not complicated.  But losing fat without losing muscle is another matter.  I don’t have enough muscle built that I can sacrifice any.

There are three sets of pictures.  The first is from April 15th, I weighed 150 pounds and had about 25% body fat.  The second is from today.  I weighed 142.6 pounds this morning and my last check three weeks ago was 21.8% body fat.  I hope I’m closer to 20% now.   I am certain that my hair is longer and my skin is tanner.

My main goal is to not look stupid on stage.  And I really want to be ready by the deadline I set two years ago.  I have something to prove.  Mostly for positive reasons, but there is that one highly motivating negative reason. Success is the best revenge.

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