Even though I’ve been writing this blog for a couple of years, I stayed in my own little cyberspace sandbox.  Didn’t go exploring.   Things changed when I switched to WordPress.  I like the “Freshly Pressed” page and found some interesting bloggers who wrote about interesting things in interesting ways.  I started using tags on my posts and that seems to have drawn a few more interesting people to my sandbox.

What I’ve learned is that bloggers are curious by nature.  I’m humbled and amazed when someone from the other side of the world finds my little blog and puts a “like” on something I’ve written.  When that happens, I feel like a kid looking at the stars – filled with awe at the enormity of the sky.   I’ve connected with several who write about health and fitness, some who are sharing their personal stories like me, and a few who are aggressively trying to change the world – I love that.  I’ve made a few new friends and am very grateful for that.

Through blogs, I’ve had the opportunity to “meet” photographers, cooks, business owners, moms, students, teachers, clergy, and authors.  I believe when we walk the path we are supposed to walk, everything we need will be provided as we travel.  I’m certain that a lot of what I will need I will find through the kindness of bloggers who are willing to share their wisdom and experiences with the rest of us.

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