We live in the high desert.  Granite Hill is about a half mile from our house.  Decided that instead of climbing stairs to nowhere on the StairMonster, I’d take Tippy up this hill.  It’s a pretty steep hike, took us an hour to climb from bottom to top.  Lots of switchbacks, but the overall change in elevation was about 700 feet.

Took some pics so I could share this hike.

It’s the high desert, so it’s not very pretty.
But it is not humid and it makes a great location for movies about other planets.

This is about a third of the way up.  There is a small dot down there next to the highway on the dirt road.

 That’s my car.

This is the stretch of the hike I really hate.  Long and steep.  But at the top of this part,

there is a fairly flat meadow that will have wildflowers and an amazing view.


Found a few flowers left.  They bloom earlier in the spring.  Not many still around in June.

Found this pile of weird looking coyote poop.  As I bent over to take a pic, a butterfly landed on it.  Gross and beautiful, I guess.  If hubby (professional photographer) would have been with me, he would have taken an amazing picture.

Hard to see in the pic, but the large, brown mass at the top is a pile of rabbit turds.  It was HUGE!  How large is the rabbit that left that pile??

We are at the top.  Sat on a boulder, drank some water, and enjoyed the view.

There was a lizard sunning himself on the top of that boulder.  He didn’t move the whole time I was there.  Altogether, I counted 9 lizards on this hike.


Tippy running ahead of me on the way back down.  I guess I wasn’t moving fast enough.  I don’t like going down this hill.  I’m a chicken about loose dirt and rocks.  Very cautious about rolling an ankle.  The hike down should go faster than the hike up, but it doesn’t for me.  I’m slow.

I don’t know if I’ll do this hike again anytime soon.  A little steep.  There are other trails close by that aren’t so intense.  Might do those instead.  Less chance of injury.

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