I’ve been using an academic year planner as a training log.  I like it because it’s dated, there is one day per page, and it is 5.5 in x 8 in – a very nice size for carrying around the gym.  The spiral binding keeps the holes from breaking and pages from falling out.  It is just the right size to hold my pen.  But it only has a month of pages left.  I need a new one.

Now that I’m doing this 5 x 5 program, there are 9 weeks of lifting on a spreadsheet.  I could print it and put it on a clipboard.  All the weights are there, but there isn’t any room to write the little notes I like to put in my log like “tired today”, “tweaked a back muscle”,  or just smiley faces.

I’m looking for ideas/inspiration.  What do you use for your training log?

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