My new life started in June 2009.  At some point that summer, I realized I would need something attached to me to remind me of my priorities.  I thought about a bracelet, but I don’t wear much jewelry.  I don’t even wear a watch.  I looked down at my wedding band.  That means something.  Went through my things and found two other rings that were perfect for the job.

So every morning for the last three years, I put these rings on, in a specific order, and say a little prayer while I do it.

The silver braided ring reppresents the Holy Trinity.  As I put this one on, I just say “thank you”.

Then, I put on my wedding band and pray for my husband.  Always the same  – keep him safe and give him a good day.

The plain silver ring represents me.  As I put this one on, I pray for strength, patience, clarity, and direction.  Basically, I pray for the smarts to see the path and to stay on it.

I like wearing these reminders.  Every time I need them, they are right there.

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