Experimenting this week.   I’m going to remove all grains and replace those carbs with fibrous carbs – veggies.  For the past…well, forever…I’ve been eating oatmeal with my eggs.  Some weeks, I have brown rice at lunch, sometimes whole wheat pasta.  I don’t usually have other grains during the day.  On weekends, I’ll have toast instead of oatmeal.  Not a lot to replace, but I’m still curious to find out what will happen.

Preworkout Meal #1: banana, whey protein & cytocarb shake

Postworkout Meal #2: vanilla whey protein & cytocarb shake with cinnamon at gym after lifting;  4 scrambled egg whites, strawberries, blueberries when I get to work.

Meal #3: ground turkey and yams

Meal #4: fiesta veggies with chicken breast and roasted red pepper dressing, celery, and freshly ground peanut butter

Preworkout Meal #5: cauliflower, red pepper strips, hummus

Postworkout Meal #6: vanilla whey protein & cytocarb shake with cinnamon, small apple

Meal #7: tilapia and sliced cucumber

Meal #8: bedtime whey & casein shake

Overall, the daily calories are the same and the macronutrient ratios are the same – protein 40%, carbs 40%, fats 20%. But the volume of food is greater.  Not sure what to expect.  The hope is to trigger fat loss, of course.  Can’t eat the same way all the time and expect different results.  Shake things up a bit.   I’ll update this post with a comment at the end of the week.

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