I saw a friend eating raw peppers at lunch the other day.  Apparently, the look of shock on my face elicited her response of “they aren’t hot – they are sweet”.  I’ve never eaten peppers like that.  I don’t eat them very often, actually, and never raw.  Always chopped up and in something or grilled.  But I was intrigued.  And I like my food to be colorful.

So today I bought three – red, orange, yellow – sliced them up and had about a 1/2 cup for lunch.  They were good.  Apparently, good for me, too.  Sweet!  (Hahahahaha!  “Sweet” – get it? I know …dork.)  I researched a little and found out that they have a lot more vitamin C than citrus.  And all kinds of God grown-goodness to prevent cancer.

Do you eat peppers?  How do you use them?

Health Benefits of Bell Peppers

 (This isn’t me. Glad I found this YouTube channel.)


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