Sooo much to do – so I think I’ll procrastinate and blog!!

SUNDAY = PREP DAY!  I don’t workout on Sundays.  I do everything else.  Planning is the key to whatever success I’ve had with this life transformation journey.  All food is planned and prepped ahead of time so I’m not ever standing in the kitchen wondering “what should I eat” and then grabbing what’s easiest to fix, or going out to get fast food because I didn’t pack my meals. Workouts are hardwired into my days just like any other appointments.  Planning is key.  But I’ll be honest – it’s a drag.  The benefits I get from it make it worth the effort.

I do lots of planning…

  • Lesson planning (Between workouts, I’m a teacher. I guess that makes me a “professional planner”.)
  • Food prep
  • Workout planning

The workout planning is the most interesting thing I’m doing today.  I’ve been feeling a little beat up the last couple of weeks – some muscles in my back are not recovering.  Lats seems to be OK, but the traps, rhomboids, and a few spinal erectors are not doing well.  Some of that comes from sitting on my a$$ for a week studying for the personal training exam, but  I thought I’d better go through my training log and check the volume.  When I changed the lifting program a few weeks ago, I knew over training could happen at some point because the rest time between working each muscle group was cut in half.  Add dieting to the mix.  No extra calories floating around to be used for repair.  As I suspected – the total sets done for back was pretty high (36) when compared to the other muscle groups.  Next highest was chest at 24 sets.  That’s the same volume I used to do when I did back once a week and wasn’t dieting.

And I’m not losing weight fast enough.  A normal person would do more cardio.  I can’t because of the cortisol issue.  I suspect that the over training could be a cause, too.  No worries.  I have a plan – I think.  First, I need to rest the back.  Second, I need to figure out a way to increase my calorie burns by working smarter, not harder.  “Harder” is over training.

  • Lay on couch and nap Saturday afternoon (yesterday) Done.
  • Skip the first back workout Monday.  Let it rest until Thursday.  I’ll focus on the other parts in that split – biceps and delts.  Probably need to stay away from rear delts because those exercises will hit the traps and rhomboids that are sore.
  • Shorten the morning lifting workouts to 30-45 minutes. I’ll cut the sets down per exercise from 5 sets to 3 sets.  Less volume and I can sleep in a little longer for recovery.  
  • Continue the HIIT cardio in the afternoons, two or three times this week.
  • Design a couple core and calf circuit routines to be done every afternoon.  
  • Design a routine to address the muscle imbalances I have on the right side.  It’s the whole right side, shoulder down to the ground, that needs attention.  This can be done in the afternoons I’m not doing the HIIT workouts.

Got plenty to do!  Better quit talking about it and get started.

I think I have a pretty good handle on what’s happening, but if you see or suspect something that I’m missing, please share!  (I love to talk fitness.)

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