First things first…

I’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback online and in real life about this blog.  It’s hard to express how grateful I am that you are simply reading this.  This blog started as a device for public accountability.  There are days when I’m not feeling motivated.  I follow my routines and remind myself that I’ve told the world that I’m going to do this thing.    So that means I can’t fail.

Second thing…

Others who traveled this path before me warned me to be ready for the weirdness I would get from people.  After the first year when I lost most of my extra weight, most people were genuine with their support.  A few weren’t so genuine with their compliments.  No worries.  They were uncomfortable.  Most have gotten over it.  Some haven’t.  It seems there are a few people who have forgotten that I used to be fat, sick, sad, and fearful.  Yes – I said fat.  I was fat.  Not just overweight or obese, or any other politically correct term – I was fat.  Fatter than some, not as fat as others.  But fat for me.  I used to believe that my excuses were my reality.  So, I’d like to remind those folks – you may believe what you are saying, but I don’t.   Nope.  I think you are projecting and I’m cool with it.  I’ve been there.  But don’t expect me to enable you.  You’ve surrounded yourself with others who will do that.  I’m not the one who is going to believe the bull you are slinging.  You can keep throwing it at me if you want, but be prepared to have it thrown back – every single time.  I don’t believe the bullshit story you are telling me and yourself any more than I believe the bullshit stories I told (and still tell) myself when I’m afraid.

Here is what I DO believe…

  • I believe you are strong, physically and emotionally.
  • I believe you can work with weights that are heavier than a bag of potatoes, heavier than your gym bag loaded down with everything you need to get ready, or heavier than the child you carried in and dropped off at the gym’s daycare.
  • I  believe you are smart and will find the information and the experts you need when you are ready.
  •  I believe you can give yourself permission to get healthy, even if your family isn’t ready to be supportive.  (They will in time. They will.  They love you.  Wouldn’t you want it for them?)

I have set this picture as the wallpaper on my phone so I will have to read it several times a day. 

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