I’ve known about the Law of Attraction for several years.  It takes a little practice to establish the habit of using it, but I think I’m getting the hang of it.

The law of attraction says that what we think about with strong emotion will manifest itself in our lives.  This works positively or negatively.  I think almost all of us will naturally think about the things we don’t want as our first thoughts.  These are the things we worry about.  It takes some discipline to refocus your energy to be positive.

I know I get distracted and don’t stay positive.  Probably the most dramatic lapse of control over my thoughts started last summer. The situation I was most afraid of happening with respect to my training was the thing I thought about the most.  Losing my trainer.  Guess what happened?  Yeah.  Exactly that – only the situation manifested itself in a way far worse than I imagined, but not worse than how I felt about it.  I was very afraid of doing this by myself.  I didn’t believe I could do it without his expertise.  But after a few weeks of panic about having the rug pulled out from under me, and then a few weeks of leaning on my friends to help me re-frame the situation, I got a grip on myself, changed my thoughts, and focused my energy on self-reliance and confidence.  Even though it was a big fat lie at first, but I kept redirecting my thoughts away from “WTF happened?” to “I can do this”.  (My bathroom mirror is still framed with post-it notes with my favorite inspirational quotes.  I them put up during that period of uncertainty.  Read them every day.)  When I thought it was hopeless and saw no way to go, the path was eventually shown to me.  New people came into my life.  New resources presented themselves.  I still don’t believe I have all the answers.  But I’m confident that I will find them.

Negativity is a bodybuilder’s enemy.  It takes discipline to not indulge in negative thoughts and venting, but I know if I do, that’s what I will attract.  It starts to spiral.  Things don’t always go according to plan everyday, but one bad workout or one bad day with nutrition doesn’t mean anything unless I let it.  My body will respond to what is done habitually and consistently.  This does include thoughts and emotions.  This is not theoretical or metaphysical mumbo-jumbo to me.  I know first hand that emotions will trigger a change in biochemistry that will not support the changes I am trying to accomplish with my training.  This isn’t a big secret in the bodybuilding world.  There are scores of motivational videos on YouTube to watch when I need a little boost.

This one is my favorite…


There are a few female bodybuilders I follow who use Facebook to post positive messages or motivational quotes almost every day.  They help me a lot, and I’m sure they help others, but I suspect that’s not the only purpose of those status updates.  Those women are creating their own reality by sending that positivity out there in the universe.  They are using the law of attraction and it is obviously working for them.


Strong emotions WILL manifest something.  I want to control what is created, so controlling my emotional state is more important than ever.  I have a few tricks I use to switch off my “worry engine” and rev up my “positive engine”.

1) If you know me, you will notice there are days when I’m practicing gratitude on Facebook or in this blog.  I’m grateful everyday, but when you see a post with a motivational quote, or a status update about something I’m grateful for – that might be a time when I’m switching off negative thoughts and switching on positive ones. When I’m feeling sad or discouraged, I get grateful for something ASAP.

2) Kenny Loggins is an angel.  His song “Celebrate Me Home” is about 7 minutes of pure joy for me.  At the end, there’s a crecendo to a point where he’s singing with a sax…endorphin rush, every time.  There are days when it’s so strong I cry.

3) I try to stay away from chronic negativity.  If someone is putting out negative vibes all the time, I can’t be around that.  If someone is in a real pickle and they need support, that’s not what I’m talking about.  VERY grateful for the times when they are there for me, so that’s just being a friend.  I’m talking about people who make a  habit of seeing the negative side of something.  I’ll try to help them re-frame it, but if they resist, I’m outta there emotionally, if not physically.  Sometimes it’s a friend in a bad spot.  They just need time.  But there are people who have established a habit of being negative.  That is their world-view.  I need to keep my distance.  That energy is toxic.

Here’s the irony – I’m procrastinating something I need to do while I write this blog.  Oh well.  I feel very positive about the thing I’m procrastinating, though.  🙂

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