I need two posing suits.  One for prejudging and one for the night show.  Plain suits with no rhinestones start at around $80.   With the sparkles, it gets spendy.  Just looked at one for $550.  I found a very plain suit on sale online for $40, so I bought it.  If it ends up fitting ok when I’m leaner, I will use it for the prejudging.  If not, it’s my practice suit that I will use for progress pictures.  Because it was on sale, I really didn’t have a ton of choices for colors.  I went with burgundy because I’ve been told that dark suit colors are best for prejudging.  I suspect that’s because the fake tan spray gets on everything and the prejudging suit is the one you wear the longest.

I’ve been looking at a lot of pictures of competitors and their suits.  I’ve decided I like the suit best when you really don’t notice it.  Pretty, but not distracting.  I love Dana Lin Bailey’s suit at the Desert Muscle Classic.

There is no way I can afford a suit like this, but I can get something in a similar color.  I like how the pink/orange combination blends in with her tan so the suit is not distracting.

So, I’ve found this fabric online at a site that makes suits I can afford.  I think it will look good with my blond hair and future fake tan.  (pic for reference) Thoughts?

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