COUNTDOWN TO SHOW: 24 weeks, 0 days, 17 hours, 48 minutes, 5 seconds.

I’ve been dieting and doing cardio for the last three weeks.  Because I use the bodybugg, I can get fairly accurate information about my nutrition.  Over these last three weeks, I’ve had an average calorie deficit of about 200 calories. That’s just an average.  There are days when that number is bigger and there are days when I’ve had surpluses.  My macronutrient breakdown of calories over the three weeks as been…

Protein = 36% of total calories

Carbs = 37% of total calories

Fats = 27% of total calories

What I’ve observed of the last three weeks:

  • I’ve only lost 2 pounds.  Mirror test doesn’t tell me much.  So I need to get the body fat checked.  I’m going to pay for another DXA scan and then have a new person pinch me to see how they compare.
  • I am eating every couple of hours and I get HUNGRY before the next meal.  It is not hard at all for me to get all my meals eaten.
  • Sometimes I feel weaker, but when I look at my training book, it seems that the weights I’ve been lifting have stayed about the same.  Chest has gone up for a couple of lifts.  I had a pulled erector muscle that interfered with my training.  It’s almost healed completely now.
  • In the last week, I’ve noticed I’m tired and not recovering as quickly.
  • The coritisol seems to be elevated again.  There has been some stress at work, but I suspect the cardio is also a trigger for the cortisol.  The more I’ve researched it and reflected on what happened last fall when I tried to cut, it makes sense.
  • I like how the workouts rotate through the week.  I’ve completed one whole cycle now.   Each body part is worked on a different day each week.  I like it because my fatigue level varies over the week.  I do feel like I need to do something different with the actual workouts.  I’ve been told a couple of things by people I trust that seems to contradict my research.  I’m confused.
  • I think my carbs might be too low.  That may be why my energy is off, too.

Not making a decision about whether it’s working or not until after I get the body fat number on Tuesday.  Unless there’s been a drop, it would seem changes need to be made after I read through this list of observations.  Because I suspect the cardio may be causing the elevated cortisol, I’ve cut it back.  That’s an easy decision to make.

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