Most of last year, I struggled with a painful impingement issue in my right shoulder.  Its much stronger now, but I still feel the pinch and there are points of weakness in the range of motion.  It’s been difficult for me to work the shoulders hard enough.  Over the last few weeks, this workout has been improving, but I rarely feel the “pump” I get when I work other muscle groups.    Got it today, though.  Very excited.  I’ve done all of these exercises or variations of them before.  First time time I’ve done them in this combination. Here is what I did this morning…

Smith Machine Overhead Press, behind the neck (3 working sets, heavy weight)

Hammer Smith Shoulder Press (4 working sets, heavy weight)

Superset: DB One Arm Laterals on Incline Bench and One Arm Cable Laterals on Free Motion Machine (4 sets, light weight)


Superset: Incline Prone DB Front Raise Bench and Forward Raises on Free Motion Machine (3 sets, light weight)


Superset: Cable Rear Flyes on Free Motion Machine and Bent Over DB Rear Flys – straight arms raised towards back, not laterally as in the video (3 sets, light weight)


Finished with DB Upright Rows (3 sets, heavy weight)

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