I seriously do not know what my body is doing anymore.

When I was fat and needed to lose 60 pounds, that was simple.  Maybe not easy, but simple.  Calorie deficit = weight loss.  It wasn’t a linear process.  I had ups and downs.  But over time, I knew what to expect.  I knew if I was consistent and stuck to the program, the weight would come off.  It did.

Now?  I have no idea what “she” (the bod) is doing.  Deficits = weight gain.  But I don’t know what I’m gaining.  Probably water from the lifting.  Muscles need to replenish the glycogen used and I read something last week that said every gram of glycogen absorbed brings with it 3 grams of water.  Already knew I retained water after a big workout, but never saw the math before.

What made it drop on the days it dropped this last week?  A calorie SURPLUS.    Really.  Yesterday was a real rest day – on my butt most of it.  Ate nachos for my cheat meal.  Didn’t go crazy, but still not a healthy cheat meal.  High sodium.  But I lost 1.5 pounds in 24 hours.

(Side note… I do weigh myself every day.  I’ve done that for 140 weeks now.  I’m used to the fluctuations and I look for patterns.  This bodybuilding thing is a big biochemistry experiment and I’m collecting data. The one thing I’m most concerned about right now is a drop in weight combined with a drop in strength.)  

The weight is trending downward despite the unpredictability of what’s making it happen.

Maybe the only thing that might be predictable right now is the effect of water consumption.  Last week, on the days I drank the gallon like I was suppose to, even if there was a calorie surplus, I dropped weight.  On the days I didn’t drink my gallon of water, I went up.  Now THAT makes sense to me.  The bod hangs onto it if she’s not getting it.  So mental note to self…


Bring on the “I told you so’s” everyone.  I know.  I know.

I’m about to start the third week of this 5 week phase with the extra rest day.  I added the extra rest day because I’m trying to cut now.  The last time I did this much cardio with calorie deficits, I lost muscle and gained fat.  My instincts tell me that food timing and recovery are the two components that will make this work for me this time .  Lift heavy, eat when the muscles need the calories, and recover.  Sleep more.  Drink more water.  And keep the stress down.  (So it flares up at work last week – so not cool.)

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