Yesterday, I met with a friend of a friend – a new friend for me, I hope – a long time female bodybuilder who generously agreed to help me with posing.  I met her at her workplace, a fire station.  That was the first time I’ve been in a fire station.  After about a half an hour, there was an alarm and she had to leave with the truck.  That was a little exciting.  But not as exciting as the 30 minutes I got to pick her brain.

I was very nervous to meet her.  I think I look like a dork when I pose.  I have a few pictures and I can’t stand to look at them.  I went through the five mandatory poses in front of her.  She made some corrections and showed me what they should look like.  She said my legs have a nice shape – which is a HUGE relief.  I’ve heard that before, but not in the bodybuilding context.  I think they are too skinny, so I’ve been working the heck out of them.  Nervous about legs on stage because those muscles are just so darn long.  Hard to grow.  The teardrop is there, but it’s mushy.

When I left, I was energized.  Very motivated.  Headed straight to the gym to do a cardio, since it was a rest day from lifting.  This morning, I had such an intense arm workout that I broke a sweat.  It was awesome!

I know I have a long way to go, but I’ve made some good progress in the short amount of time I’ve been training as a bodybuilder.  My first show will be just that – my first show.  I don’t have a coach or a trainer.  But there are people coming into my life who have a ton of knowledge and are generous with it.  They have no other motive other than to be helpful.  I listen to everything they tell me.  Usually, they validate what I’m already doing.  My instincts are pretty good.  But if they have a better idea, I implement it.

I need to stay focused on my real goal of being in the best shape I can be when I step on stage, and not worry about anything else.  I’m confident that I can be ready.

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