Tough day today.  Days I don’t lift are always a little tough.  Lifting hard depletes my muscles in a way that feels like a cleansing.  What’s left is a beautiful soreness that is the prerequisite to growth.  Lifting also generates endorphins for me that elevate my mood like nothing else.  It’s addicting.  So on rest days, it’s easy for something stupid and small to annoy me.  And throw in all the sugar I’ve been eating, I’m ripe for stress.

Got to let it go.  Some stress is unavoidable, but today shouldn’t have been a stressful day.  Stress over stupid, small stuff is just unnecessary.  Let’s practice a little gratitude to counter it.

#1: Very grateful for being 50 and one day.

#2: Hubby made my birthday very nice.  Probably the most memorable ever.

#3: When I walked by four of my students eating a yummy looking chocolate cake on a picnic table after school, one said to me “Hey Mrs. White!  Want some cake?  It’s full of protein!”  Ok, that was a little fib, but I laughed out loud.

#4: Very, very grateful for Nicole.  She does wonderful stuff with my hair.  But what I’m really grateful for is her serene nature.  She is one of those people you just like to be around.

#5: Very grateful for my hall buddies.  Always a friendly ear when I need it.

#6: Grateful for the invention of the Kindle.  Cardio is now bearable.

#7: Grateful for Jeanne.  She cried when I showed her the video of my truck pull.  She said it was because I set a goal and accomplished it.   How sweet is that?

#8: Grateful for Christy.  She gave me cuties for my birthday!  How cool is that?  And everything else she’s done?  Amazing.

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