Endorphins always make me think deep thoughts on the drive home from the gym.  Tomorrow is my 50th birthday, so I’m feeling compelled to reflect.

I’m blessed.  Life isn’t easy.  Life happens and sometimes it’s annoying, frustrating, scary, uncertain, mundane, boring, etc.  My belief is that God chooses not to control everything in my life.  I have free will.  But He does send blessings.  People, things, and activities that I love and that sustain me through the rest of it.  I believe He does that for all of us.

I’m grateful everyday.  I had to practice being grateful.  Now it’s habit.  I don’t think  more positive things are coming into my life because I’m grateful, but rather that I’ve adjusted my perspective to not dwell on negative stuff (when I can help it) and only recognize the positive.  I’m grateful for my life.  I’m grateful for the people in my life.  I’m grateful for whatever is inside me that rises up and slaps me around a little bit when I get afraid, doubtful, and insecure.

Grateful for today.  I had a good leg workout today.  It was a little startling and scary when I failed on leg press and the sled with 720 pounds of plates fell down to the bottom.  But I’m grateful for it.  Never happened before and I was a little afraid of it.  I was told I shouldn’t worry, that the sled would stop, but I didn’t know what that would feel like.  Now I do.  I had plenty of room to crawl out.  It’s all good.  720 is my max weight, and I’ve done it twice before, but only partial reps.  Told my spotter I wanted to do full reps.  I don’t think he expected me to fail on rep #2.  I didn’t expect it either.  Oh well.  Lots of reasons why I wasn’t as strong this morning, but it doesn’t matter.  Failure lifting means growth later.  It’s all good.

Maybe I should try doing my leg presses like this…

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