Woke up this morning with the same old doubts and fears about being ready for the August show.  Started a different blog post than the one you are reading now.  Saved it as a draft and ran an errand.

I’m  competitive, so every so often, I have one of my “get real” moments when the thoughts go negative.  “I’ll be 50.  I’ve only trained for a year and a half.  If I lose the fat, my skin may not snap back.”  Yada yada yada.

On the way home, I remembered a conversation I had with a woman on the phone last week.  She’s competed and judged bodybuilding.  She has very generously agreed to teach me how to pose.  We will be meeting later this week.   (So psyched!!)  Anyhoo…she told me that she always trained so she could be at her best on the day she stepped on stage.  She didn’t train to win.  She didn’t train for a trophy.

I need to relax, train, diet, and keep the negative thoughts in check.  The only thing I’ve got to do is keep getting stronger and leaner.   Every workout needs to be the best I can make it be that day.  I need to stay focused.  My first show is going to be just that – my first show.  If I like it, there will be more.

Caught my image in the mirror doing laundry today.  I think I see a little delt action on the gimpy shoulder.  This makes me happy.  It’s taken a looooong time.  But if you don’t quit something, you get better.  You push though.

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