A week ago today I had oral surgery to remove an abscess.  The endodontist said I could lift this week with the stitches in my mouth, but I had to be careful.  “Don’t grunt” he said.  He meant that he didn’t want me to lift so heavy that I’d create internal pressure – which some people release by grunting.  I am not a big grunter, but  I know what he meant.

He meant that my workouts were going to suck for a week.  They have.  But I did them anyway, well, most of them.

I had to take a couple days off – doctor’s orders.  I did a light back workout and it sucked.  Hard to concentrate on the muscles I was working when I had to concentrate on my breathing.  I had to be careful not to exhale too hard.  To get the extra forced rest day, I skipped my arm workout.

I got called into work on Sunday – that cancelled my leg workout.  Ticked me off, but it was probably for the best.  I would have grunted.  Grunted and popped stitches.  So my legs and arms got an extra week off.  Thought about doing a light leg day today instead of my scheduled rest day, but I did a low intensity cardio instead.  I’ll hit the legs hard this weekend.  Let them rest a few more days.  They need it.  Next week is the truck pull.

THE STITCHES COME OUT TOMORROW!!!!!  I can’t wait.  I’m soooooo done with it.  I need to lift heavy.  I need to GRUNT!  I need to ROAR!!!  I only have 5 days left in my 40’s and I want to end this decade AGGRESSIVELY!!!

* * * *

Did shoulders yesterday.  The boys said my delts were popping, but I didn’t see them.  I asked them to make this video for me. I still can’t see them.  But you know what?  I’m still pleased.  I’ve only had full range of motion on this lift for about six weeks.  I’m very pleased with how my gimpy shoulder is gaining strength.  Soon, I’ll see the delts in the mirror that I picture in my head.  (In this video, I had 50 lbs on the bar.)


* * * *

A very good friend put me in contact with a female bodybuilder who has judged shows.  We talked today and set up a time to meet.  She is going to teach me how to pose.  I’m very excited and grateful.

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