I didn’t plan on a “Part 3”.  I didn’t expect swelling.  I’m an idiot.  Should have known.  Very glad I took a couple days off from work.

When I woke up yesterday, I was puffy.  Took these pics last night before I went to bed.  There wasn’t much change from the morning. The left cheek is swollen.


When I woke up this morning, there was something in front of my eye.  It was my lower eyelid.  Nice.

All of this is normal.  Doc checked the stitches and gums yesterday and said things look good.  I really don’t have much pain.  The swelling is more uncomfortable than the actual incisions.

I’ve been given the “go-ahead” to start lifting.  “Just don’t grunt.”  Hahahaha!  I think he means not to lift so heavy that there is pressure that might pop the stitches.  OK.  Light and high reps.  And I will leave the house looking like a chipmunk.


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