I was instructed to take a prescribed sedative exactly 1 hour before the appointment.  That prescription really only had one pill.  I followed directions and was very curious about what would happen because the listed side effects were intriguing.

“You may get up while not fully awake and do an activity you do not know you are doing…and you may not remember… driving a car, making food, talking on phone, having sex, sleep walking”.

I just felt a little sleepy and very relaxed.  Exactly what needed to happen.  No amnesia.  You can see in this pic that I’m about ready for a snooze.

The doc gave me a ton of Novacaine and it worked very fast.  I listened to some meditation music on my iPhone during the procedure.  The surgery went quickly and smoothly.  The only pain I had was during the Novocaine shot near the lump on the roof of my mouth.   I think the sedative kept working.  I was comfortable and almost feel asleep a couple of times.

On the way home, we had to stop for the new prescriptions – Vicodin and some dental rinse.  (I already had some horse pill sized ibuprofen from my dentist a couple weeks ago that I saved for now.  He was worried I’d have pain before the surgery.  Didn’t.)  While waiting for them to be done, we did a little grocery shopping for the gimpy mouth.  Soup, yogurt, mac-n-cheese for the microwave, popcicles, and TWO tubs of ice cream.

The Novocaine hung in there for about 6 hours.  Started popping the Vicodin at that point.  Pretty sure this is going to hurt for a while.  Doc said that the lump was full of soft tissue goo which he removed replaced with bone graft material so the bone will repair itself.  He said it could take up to 7 months for the bone to heal.  The gums will heal faster. Not sure how many stitches are there, but aren’t they pretty??

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