I have extremely sensitive gums, so my ‘phobia’ is actually a fear of extreme pain.  The metal instruments and the cold water are torture devices.  I have been seeing the same dentist for years.  He’s used to it and takes care of me.  I’m still nervous when I see him, but I trust him.

Today, I have to see a specialist – A NEW PERSON.  NOT TRAINED by me.  Just saw him once for an evaluation.

And the procedure I’m having done is SCARY.  He should have given me a Xanax before describing it to me.  I have an abscessed tooth and they need to do an apicoectomy to remove the abscess and fix the tooth.  The tooth doesn’t hurt now. Only knew there was an abscess because a strange lump formed on the roof of my mouth.

He is going to cut my gum and pull it out of the way to get at the abscessed tissue.  But since my lump is on the roof of my mouth, and they can’t cut on the inside because of a nerve bundle, they will have to cut on the outside gum and somehow tunnel above my tooth to the inside part.  I will need a bone graft.  And he says they can do all of this with Novocaine.  Really?  No way.

After he told me about it, I said I would be extremely anxious about this procedure.  So in about 25 minutes, I’m supposed to take a sedative.  That will be an hour before my appointment.  I’m writing this now because the sedative may cause amnesia.  Gosh I hope so.  I don’t want to remember this at all.

I’ll update later when I can.

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