Thank you, DLB!  Blazing new ground and leaving scorched earth.  And thanks to Rob Bailey for sharing your training with all of us.  I know there were a couple other ladies who did this workout today, too.  We were sharing a little on Facebook.  Seems like we all kicked our own butts.

I saw this video yesterday and it inspired me for today’s leg workout.


Here is what I did:

Leg Extensions: 7 sets of 10 reps, 10 second rests.  Started with 60 pounds, increased to 75, then back to 60 when I couldn’t handle 75 anymore.

Leg Press: 180(20 reps)/ 270(15)/ 360(12)/ 450(10)/ 540(10)/ 630(10)/ 720(10 partial reps)

Front Squat: 65(10)/90(6)/110(5) – form correction & started box front squats – 90(6)/90(7)

Barbell Glute Bridge (new exercise for me): 95(10)/95(10)/135(10)


Walking Lunges: Bodyweight 60 reps x 3 sets

Leg Curl: 60(10) x 3 sets

Doesn’t seem like much when I list it like this, but it was a great workout.  Not nearly as intense as DLB’s.  The lunges + curl supersets killed me at the end.  I had to fight hard to get those leg curls done.  It was an awesome way to finish.  For a cool down, I walked on the treadmill slowly for 10 minutes.  When I stepped down off it, that step down felt so much bigger than I remembered it.   I was a little wobbly walking out to the car.

I finished it almost six hours ago and my legs still feel weak and mushy.  Glutes are a little sore already.  Shoulders might be bruised from the front squats.  I’m very happy.

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