This was Week #136 of my new life. 136 weeks since I started taking care of myself.

This was Week #84 of training. 84 weeks since I set the goal to compete.

There are 30 weeks left to my first contest.

It was a boring week. I don’t remember doing anything spectacular. Not like last week – no way. Week #83 was mind blowing. So let’s grab my training book and take a look. Let’s see what happened during week #84…

Sunday = Legs = 20 working sets

I didn’t go heavy on leg presses like I did last week. Squats still don’t look like I want them to look. But wait! I forgot about the glute ham raises. They were very strong. I had to add bands to get work done.

I did add something new to this workout – a new giant set for the vastus medialis, or teardrop part of the quadricep.

Saw this YouTube video and liked the exercises. Side step kettle bell lunge + split squat + single leg extension, 8-10 reps, 3 sets. The first two exercises were new and awkward. Balance was an issue for both. I probably worked the glutes more than the teardrop because I wobbled around and almost fell over. I’ll do it again. It should get better as I learn it.


Highlight of the leg workout = a fbb was there working out, too, and I told her how her traps became my goal when I saw her for the first time a few months ago. She thanked me and then told me that my leg press weight was impressive. Really? I only had 540 loaded at that time. Cool.

Monday = Chest = 21 working sets

Strong. Kicking up bigger dumbbells with gimpy shoulder. I can handle 40’s on my own, but I needed help with the 45’s. Not sure how much my chest can handle because the shoulder still calls the shots on this exercise. Decline bench went up to 75. I think I had more, but I was working out with the guys and they decide when we move on. (I’m starting to get frustrated working out with the guys – another blog.)

Tuesday = Shoulders = 31 working sets

The boys wanted to start with shrugs to mix things up. Five sets of barbell shrugs ended at 225 and four sets of dumbbell shrugs ended at 80. Ripped them up! I was so sore in the traps for days. It was awesome. Upright rows are getting stronger, too.

Thursday = Back = 30 working sets

On my own for this one. Started with dead lifts. Four sets and the last set was at 199 for 5. Three versions of a lat pulldown in a giant set – all the weights up a plate. Barbell row up to 90 pounds from 75, but it’s been a long time since I’ve done those.

Friday = Arms = 27 working sets

Frustrating workout at first. Picked up later. We did the towel curls again. No way to quantify what I did, but I was stronger than the last time. At the end, I added in some concentration curls done from the fingertips. That form change is supposed to work the peaks. During the afternoon workout, I did hanging leg raises. Normally, I wouldn’t remember much about an ab exercise, but these leg raises were strong. Did front raises and oblique raises. All were stronger than ever before.

I missed a couple afternoon workouts because of “life” – that doesn’t happen often. It was a good week anyway. I forgot about the few things that went well because the week wasn’t as exciting as last week. It’s OK. Work was done and there was forward progress. Didn’t lose ground and didn’t get hurt. It’s all good.

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