I don’t know why, but my quad workout this morning was unfreakinbelievable.

Did my usual 10 min treadmill walking warm up.  During my stretching, I had a hint that something was up.  I was more flexible than normal.  Especially in the hips.  Loose, actually.  I’m never loose.  I have all the flexibility of a 2 x 4.

Walked up to the squat rack and did a few body weight squats.  Remember – Squat School was last week.  Still in session.  My inner trainer said “Go low and explode up.”  And I did.  Fast. I don’t remember my quads firing this fast before.  BAM – ten body weight squats all the way down to the floor were done in a flash.  OK.  That’s new.

Nothing felt heavy until I got up to 155 on the fourth working set.  That’s not a personal record for me for squats, but it is a lot more weight than I was able to handle last week under the same new conditions – Vibrams, heels elevated, and better form.  Didn’t want to push it because I could feel in my back that more weight would break my form.  Racked the bar and walked over to hang up the belt I was using.  I love the feel of walking after racking a squat bar – without that weight across my shoulders I feel like I’m floating.

Leg press next.  I decided not to do supersets today.  Just go heavy and recover for the next set.  180 was a warm up.  So was 270.  That’s normal.  But 360 as a warm up set?  That’s new.  I didn’t feel like I was working until 450.  OK.  Let’s go.  540.  Still doing between 6 and 8 reps.  630 – for 6.  That’s my old personal record, but I could only do 3 of those when I did it in December.  720?  Really?  That’s 16 plates.  The guys doing bench next to me were watching as I walked around grabbing plates off the weight tree across the room.  720 for 3 reps.  I had more, but I’m a total dork about personal records.  I get excited, freak out a little, and quit too soon.  So I rested and did another set.  Got 5 reps.  A couple were a little shallow, but that’s OK.  Still pressed a personal record.  I honestly feel very small next to this many plates.  But my skinny legs moved this weight.  Something tells me that they won’t be skinny for long.  Something’s up.  Something’s different.

Last exercise was going to be the leg extension.  I literally said to myself  “Just for shits and giggles, lets see what I’m able to do here”.  Personal record was 155, but for the last couple of weeks, I’ve been weak.  Only made it to 105.   I usually do this exercise in a super set so it’s probably not a fair comparison.  75 lbs and  90 lbs  were warm ups.  So was 105.  Kept dropping that pin another plate and doing sets.  Last set was at 195.  195 for 2 reps.  Wow.  I stopped there.  I think I had more in the quads, but I also felt a tiny ping in the left knee.  Leg extension can screw up a knee.  It seemed like today my quads could not quit, but I didn’t think my knee was necessarily on board with that.

I weigh 150 pounds.  23% bodyfat last time it was checked.  That means I’m a little shy of 116 pounds of lean body mass.   But what little I’ve got pushed 720 pounds on leg press and 195 pounds on leg extension today. And I did it by myself  – that means I was cautious.  Don’t want to get hurt.   But something felt different today.  Don’t know what.  Sleep?  Food?  Attitude?  Something’s up – something’s different.

Skipped hamstrings today.  Quads sucked up and used everything I had.  Holy cow, though.  The bar just got raised in a big way.  I wonder if all my workouts this week are going to go like this?  I”ll work hamstrings one afternoon this week.  Quads are greedy.  They always want their own workout.

I’m very excited.

Talked to one of the trainers that works out when I’m there doing legs.  I told him I wanted to pull a truck on my birthday next month.  He’s done it before and said I’m strong enough, but I should practice with the sled outside behind the gym once a week instead of cardio.  Gave me some pointers about truck pulling.

I’m very, VERY excited.

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