*********** WE INTERRUPT THIS BLOG FOR A VENT ***********

Seriously?  You called me THAT??  The “C” word?  Really?  Wow.  You are a douche.  No – you are their leader.  Yes, you are the Douche King.

On Saturday mornings, I work as a desk person at the gym.  It’s been a fun job – until the New Year.  For each of the last three Saturdays, there have been a couple of people who just go off on me for stupid reasons.  I stay calm and listen.  I then repeat whatever policy or rule I’m paid to enforce.  They go off on me some more.  I apologize and quietly repeat the policy.  They usually give up and go in to workout, or march out and threaten to drop their membership.  You see, I’m COMPLETELY unreasonable  when I tell them that they have to check in, or that their small child cannot play on the equipment while they workout, or something along those lines.  No, I do NOT know how many miles it is from your house to our gym.  No, you can’t change the TV channel if someone  else is watching it.  

Today, though – the guy (not a member) was probably the biggest jerk so far.  His tirade started with the manager and he was asked to leave.   His last words were directed at me and were so vulgar that the manager chased him out the door.  I was told if the guy ever comes back into the club, I’m supposed to ask him to leave and call the police if he doesn’t.

I can’t wait for the resolutions to fade away…   these people are very angry and miserable.  They are either going to commit to their programs and quit being difficult or they will stop coming.  Either works for me.


A month from today will be my 50th birthday.  I want to do something epic, something memorable on that day.  I don’t know what yet.  I’ve got two ideas.

A) Deadlift a personal record.

B) Pull a truck.

I’d really like to pull a truck.  I have no idea if I’m strong enough yet for that.

So far, I don’t have any issues about turning 50 other than that I’m a little nervous about this bodybuilding competition goal I’ve set for my 50th year.  That’s my midlife “crisis”, I guess.  Full denial that I’m aging and I’ve decided to get younger.  Seems to be working.

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