For several exercises (squat, bench press, bicep curls), I am strong in the middle and weak at the “bottom”.  I have not been doing full range of motion reps.  That has caused uneven strength development.  Now I’m at the point where I cannot increase my weights and the amount that I can lift is limited by the weakest part in my range of motion.  I’m starting over.   Relearning everything with lighter wieghts, full range of motion, and uber-perfect form.

Frustrating.  But in bodybuilding years, I’m still a baby, so getting this stuff fixed now will pay off later.  And because I’m almost 50, I can’t mess around with heavier weights if my joints can’t handle it.  An injury may not heal very quickly.

For the upper body work, I don’t think this was something I could avoid.  The gimpy shoulder needed to be strengthened and I wasn’t going to skip stuff while it caught up.  I had to do the reps I could do.  Half reps, three-quarter reps.  Whatever.  I still have issues with it, but the pain isn’t so horrible.  I’m pushing through OK.

What stalled me a little for squats was the hip and back issues – I blogged on those before.  But also the knees.  I didn’t mention my knee problem because I forgot about it.  My knee issues have all but disappeared lately.  I don’t run anymore and I’ve stopped doing walking lunges.  They were killing my left knee.  It’s not all lunges – just the walking ones.

I’m grateful for my workout partners.  They are retraining me.  I’m learning.  And I’m growing.   Uh huh.  Very grateful.  Sure, there is a certain amount of trash talk and farting to ignore, but they are very generous and patient with me.  Hahahaha!

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