WARNING – This may be unsettling.  I didn’t realize it was a controversial topic until recently.

What is the best way to crack an egg??

I eat egg whites.  Many, many egg whites.  A few whole eggs, but mostly egg whites.   Every weekend when I’m doing my food prep for the week, I crack and separate literally dozens of egg whites.  I think I’ve developed a talent for cracking and separation of eggs.  I’ve got a few skills.

Actual eggs in my actual kitchen.

 Most people fall into two camps with their egg cracking – tap it on the edge of a bowl or tap it on a flat counter top.  I’m a “counter top” gal.  My husband, Paul, is an “edge of bowl” guy.  HUGE discussion about the proper method for cracking an egg a few weeks ago in our kitchen.  It got heated.  I consulted Google for a definative answer and found both methods described.  And everyone was SURE their method was the best way to crack an egg.   I think people are somewhat emotional about this egg cracking business.

Videos illustrating each method and subsequent separation of yolk from whites…

Edge of Bowl (Paul’s way):


Counter Top (the best way as recommended by anonymous pastry chefs and me):


An alternative method not tried – the EZ Cracker:


If you don’t want to eat the egg, there is fun to be had…if you’re a kid:


So how do you crack your eggs?  Comments welcome.  Play nice, though.  I know it’s controversial.  Don’t want you to get EGG on your face!  Hahahahaha!

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